Harmony Agro Business Services(HABS)

HABS is a producer and nationwide suppliers of high quality seedlings of Cocoa, coconut, cashew,oil palm,mangoes, citrus, guava ,sweetsop, soursop, teak,cedrela, oframo, emire,mahogany ,etc

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Producer of high quality seedlings.

HABS produces and supplies high quality seedlings of cashew ,cocoa,coconut, citrus, mangoes ,avocados, passion ,exotic banana, plantain ,teak ,oframo ,emire,esa ,mahogany,cedrela, acacia, flowers .

Services: Landscaping, purivate extension services.

Our Products

cashew seedlings

Grafted and non grafted

cocoa seedlings

High quality hybrid seedlings whose seed sources are government cocoa stations

Hybrid coconut seedlings

High quality coconut seedlings which start bearing fruits after 3 years

Different varieties of citrus seedlings

High quality varieties of citrus such late Valencia,redblood , tangerines,lime ,lemon,etc

Different varieties of exotic mangoes

Different varieties of grafted mangoes


Different varieties of local apples in Ghana ,that's soursop and sweetsop

Different varieties of passion seedlings

Different varieties of passion seedlings purple and yellow passion

Pomegranate seedlings

High quality seedlings of pomegranate

High quality oil palm seedlings

High quality oil palm seedlings

indigenous timber species seedlings such as oframo,emire,mahogany,hyedua etc

High quality seedlings of indigenous timber tree species.

Different species of exotic timber seedlings such as teak,cedrela,gmelina,eucalytus,etc

Exotic guava seedlings

About us

HABS is a producer and nationwide supplier of high quality seedlings of cocoa, Cashew, citrus,coconut, avocados,oil palm, mangoes,soursop, sweetsop, passion, exotic banana, plantains, teak,mahogany, cedrela, emire,esa,oframo.

SERVICES: Landscaping,Galamsey site reclamation, lining and pegging ,buying and selling of farmlands and private extension services.

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Emmanuel Amponsah

Managing Director

Mrs Eunice Anane Karikari Amponsah

Marketing and Sales Officer

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